Rajasekhar Romance With Three Actress!

Rajasekhar with three Heroines

Many people think that Dr. Rajasekhar film career ends till 1 year ago. But, a surprise PSV Garuda Vega blockbuster at box office is big change of Dr Rajasekhar cine career. This late hit allows him to act in some more series of movies.

Now, this this old angry youngmen Rajasekhar doing a film with young director ‘AA’ fame Prasanth Varma. Movie unit decides Kalki is apt title for the film and already released title motion poster. Shivani Shivatmaka is presenting the film on Happy Movies banner. Producers C. Kalyan Shivani Rajasekhar and Shivatmika Rajasekhar are producing the film.

Adha Sharma, Nanditha Swetha and Scarlet Wilson are playing female lead roles in the movie. Ashuthosh Rana and Najar are playing some keyroles in the movie. Acoording to reports, this Kalki movie story is based on 1980 backdrop. Kalki team shooting the film at Hyderabad outskirts in 2 crore rupees set.

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