Hindi and Tamil Heroes Believe NTR Acting But Not Story

They believe NTR acting not story

Some blockbuster movies in one industry should remake in another industry with many changes to its story and screenplay. Only some movies remake their original frame to frame. Recently, we see Khaidi No 150 and Premam remake their original movies frame to frame by 90%.

Now, there is a Telugu film, which is being remake by Hindi and Tamil industries. You think I am talking about Arjun Reddy! No No. I am talking about Jr NTR’s Temper remake. In Bollywood Ranvir Singh acting in this remake and Vishal is in Tamil version. Name of Temper remake in Bollywood is ’Simmbaa’ in star director Rohit Shetty direction. In Tamil, it is named as "Ayogi".

Both Ranvir and Vishal film directors are changing the story of the film to its core only they taking its central plot. Director Rohit Shetty felt that 50% of the scenes in this movie are not in convincing manner hence he changing those scenes. Recently Vishal also said that he is not happy with many of the scenes are not good but he liked the socio-political message in the film is good. Then, both of them praised NTR acting and intensity in the movie. Both the should be exclaimed if they repeat the similar intensity of the that role which NTR showcased on the screen.

Therefore, finally these heroes not believe in Temper story but they believe in NTR’s temper in acting.

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