Aravinda Sametha Gets a Massive Release In Chennai

aravinda sametha massive release

In Recent days, All the people around the world watching Telugu films. Especially Telugu cinema market in Tamil Nadu is at peaks. Our heroes concentrated on increasing of their market. Young tiger NTR’s upcoming film Aravinda Sametha carrying huge pre release buzz and going to release in worldwide theatres tomorrow. Ditributors decided to release this in wide no of screens in Tamil Nadu especially in Chennai.

The recent news and very happy news for NTR fans is that, this movie in Chennai alone should aired in 180 shows in single screen theatres and multiplexes on its first day of release.  This number of shows clearly shows craze and huge hypes on this film in Tamil Nadu.

In both Telugu states this film releasing in massive number of theatres and hypes on this movie are at peaks. Due to huge buzz on the movie this movie would collect solid figures at box office on its first day.

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