Anthariksham Teaser Review: Varun as Astronaut!

Director Sankalp Reddy who is known for his first movie Ghazi. That film impressed audience. Now he again get good marks from the audience with his next movie ‘Antariksham’ teaser. Like his first movie, he selected a completely new subject for second which is not touched in Tollywood.

Anthariksham featured Varun Tej in male lead role, Aditi Rao Hydari and Lavanya Tripathi in female lead roles. Varun Tej, Aditi Rao Hydari appearing in astronauts role and Lavanya Tripati in Varun Tej lover role. This film is displaying a daring astronaut who preferred country pride to anything else. Some people already start criticism that the visuals shown in the teaser are copied from Hollywood movie Gravity.

His previous film Ghazi dealt with history backdrop of 1971 war. Director focused emotions and thrilling elements of the history more than visuals. However, when comes to Anthariksham movie, this is not historical film, this is completely creative idea. Director should focus on visuals rather than emotions, which he showed on his first movie.

So we have to wait for December 21st to watch the film and decide whether experiment success or failure. Let’s see what happens.

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