NTR's Son Abhay Ram in Aravinda Sametha?

Jr NTR son Abhay Ram in making video

From the last few days there is a high amount rumors about Jr NTR’s elder son Abhay Ram making his silver screen debut with NTR’s upcoming movie "Aravinda Sametha". We already know that Kalyan Ram’s son already made his debut, many people think that NTR al,so encouraging his son on silver screen debut. But is it true?

Reason for all this rumors is Abhay Ram appeared in making video of Aravinda Sametha. That is why fans think that he also making his debut with the movie. According to our sources, there is no truth in this and Abhay hasn’t acted in the film. Jr NTR himself gave a clarification about this in recent media interaction.

NTR says, "One day Abhay Ram came to the shooting spot and movie unit recorded the video. I've asked Trivikram to remove those scenes from the making video, and he removed couple of shots and requested me to keep atleast one shot. That is what happened actually and Abhay appeared in making video. All the remaining are just rumors".

So, Abhay Ram silver screen debut with Aravinda Sametha in NTR childhood role is just trash.

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